Wednesday, March 2, 2011



 ~3/4/11 OUT OF STOCK !!

YANKO (DAY CREAM) 15ml : This product contain HIGH efficiency moisturizing factors and natural plant essence, which can directly resolve black blemishes  spots, freckles, melasma and acne (pimple) caused by bacteria infection nad control composition of black pigments to DOUBLY whiten skin, strengthen self-protecting ability of skin and make it smooth, delicate and elastic.
Direction : Clean face with Yanko Perfect Whitening Cleanser and take appropriate amount of this day cream (1-2mg) evenly onto face. Use it 1 to 2 time per day.

YANKO (NIGHT CREAM) 15ml :  This product contains HIGH unit protin, natural plant extracts AHA, vitamin A, C, E and BHA skin activating assence, which can quickly improve deep aged cell in skin, accelerate natural metabolism of skin remove accumulated  black pigments and make tough skin smooth and delicate.
Direction : Before use in nigh, wash or clean face with Yanko Perfect Whitening Cleanser. Take 0.5g of the night cream apply onto face.  Clean it the next morning with Yanko Perfect Whitening Cleanser, attractive and full of youth and energy.

YANKO PERFECT WHITENING CLEANSER 100ml :  It can gently and effectively remove oil, powder and dirt remained on face, remove dead skin on face, promote skin metabolism, help whiten ingredients to into skin, allow newly- born skin breath freely and balance skin water. After use, your skin will turn smooth and soft and silk and get prepared for later brightening and whitening skin care procedures.
Direction: When cleaning face in morning & evening every day, take appropriate amount of this product and mix it with water. Gently apply it onto face and massage around for 2-5min. Then clean it with fresh water (if possible, repeat to achieve better skin care effect)

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